Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our Time of Year

I was out wandering the other day when I ran across an old friend that I hadn’t seen since I moved back to the beautiful mountains of Vermont.  We caught up for a few minutes, and when we hugged, she said, “and it’s ‘our time of year.’”  He pulled away, winked, and then went into the store nearby.
“Our time of year.”

That phrase has been stuck in my head, popping back in over and over during moments of silence since it was uttered in my ear that crisp afternoon.  It’s September right now, and my favorite harvest festival, Mabon, is coming up on the 22nd.  Halloween will be just around the corner after that, and the familiar chill that makes us all feel a bit witchier will be in the air.  Heck, that familiar chill even makes non-witches feel a bit spooky, or more in tune with their witchy side.  I’ve heard it said that “there’s a little witch in every woman.”  I think there’s a little witch, or a little magick in every human, it’s just up to the individual whether they choose to acknowledge it or not.

When I see autumn decorations in the grocery store, it’s difficult not to just take home one of everything.  I could live all year with harvest corn hanging from my ceiling, dried corn stalks in every corner, pumpkins and squash on my doorstep, and a jug of apple cider in my refrigerator.  The harvest is a main focal point of many old Pagan faiths, as is the concept of death, and the underworld.  It’s no wonder that a season that focuses so heavily on those things is a favorite for most of us.  On the 22nd, I will be buying apples to place on gravestones, lighting orange candles, and doing some scrying. 

Divination is so much easier and clearer when the veil is thin, and it gets thinner with each day as Halloween approaches.  Some people think that the veil between worlds suddenly opens on Halloween, but really, it just gets thinner and thinner, and then waxes again after the holiday like the moon going back to full from new.  Nature sure does love its cycles.

Why does the Serpent Witch love this time of year?  The Serpent Witch uses her instincts and her connection to her Ancestors to write new spells and see the future.  As I mentioned before, the veil between this world and the land of the dead is getting thinner, and easier to pierce.  We can ask for advice from those who have gone before us more easily, see in our scrying mirror more easily, and cast our runes more deftly.  Our tarot cards seem to speak to us without us even having to reference the book for predetermined meanings.  We lay down at night, and our spirits fly in our sleep to dimensions beyond what we normally observe, and knowledge is imparted when we don’t even know we need it. 

Feeling the pull?  Tell me all about it!  Share your autumn experiences in the comments section.  Thanks for reading.


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